Five things that make ugly christmas sweaters stand out

Five things that make ugly christmas sweaters stand out

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Just like Santa, songs, and sweets, Christmas sweaters are an inevitable component of the most joyful holiday of the year. An ugly Christmas sweater with comical designs and weird messages is the fun part of the holidays. Wearing a sweater that stands out in the crowd is sweeter than Christmas cookies. But what actually makes a Christmas sweater ugly? We have deduced some key factors.

The sweater has three or more colors
The holiday theme comes with bold colors. Green, red and white colors are otherwise pleasant colors when they are on their own. But during Christmas, they are an unpleasant generosity combined with more flashy colors such as ochre yellow or magenta. Put them all together and you have one big ugly Christmas sweater. In other words, gaudy on the rocks! Fear not. That is what today’s trend is. If an ugly Christmas sweater separates you from the flock, make it flaunt it.

Its accidentally offensive
Many sweaters come with an offensive mode. That mode is cranked up a notch during the holidays. The messages with double entendres, the tacky imagery do make Christmas sweaters a little inappropriate. But, that is what makes holidays more cheerful. Light and tasteful dirty comedy will make a party lively. What is life without whimsies? Next time you buy a Christmas sweater, let it be a little dirtier. Haters gonna hate!

It’s got extra attachments
An iconic ugly Christmas sweater comes with attachments. Dangling, shiny, or wiggling bits attached to sleeves, shoulders, or hoods are mildly annoying yet super cool. Some sweaters even come with pom-poms attached to them. That’s one way to boost the cheerleading spirit. Some sweaters are decorated with Christmas ornaments and, well, if that does not make you look like a Christmas tree, then what will? Be a walking talking tree, you might get more presents. Stand apart and relish the attention.

Your sweater is a minimum a decade old
What makes a sweater truly ugly are the old out-of-the-century designs. You might have saved an old pair of sweaters for the sake of nostalgia. A sweater with crocheted patterns or traditional laces around collars or cuffs is a characteristic of an oldie but goldie. They will make you look like your grandparents in winter. These ancient classics are a must-have. Classics are classics for a reason. In case you haven’t got an ugly Christmas sweater or want to pass one down your generation line, check out our Funny Christmas Sweater. It’ll be a nice memory.

The stare factor
Imagine that you are walking down the road, sipping delicious eggnog wearing your ugly Christmas sweater. It’s a perfectly normal holiday, but people are turning heads to stare at you. When this happens remember you’re doing something right. A classic sign of an ugly sweater is that they come with a stare-factor. You can wear such a whimsical sweater for laughs and make yourself the center of attention. They might even help you score. Who knows?

Next time you buy a Christmas sweater, don’t hold back. No ugly Christmas sweater is ugly enough. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So does the ugliness.