How to host an epic christmas sweater party

How to host an epic christmas sweater party

How to host an epic Christmas sweater party 


Christmas party are the essence of the holiday. But sometimes throwing parties can be a little too typical. If you are tired of hosting the same boring Christmas event and want something unique, here’s a kickass idea. An ugly Christmas sweater party is an exceptional theme. And we are here to help. Take a look at some simple steps that can make your ugly Christmas sweater party an enjoyable affair. Let’s get the party started.


Prepare the invitation

The most basic and important part of any party is an invitation. A proper invitation is worth a thousand words. It helps to set the tone of the party and nothing more is required to make the right impression. In case of an ugly Christmas sweater party, the invitation should go according to the theme. Let the essence of the party be in the invitation. Let it be more colorful and funky rather than formal and somber. The invitation must include the theme, dress code, time and address, or any other important detail such as RSVP or BYOB. Make sure that the invitation goes out at least three weeks before the chosen date.


Make the decor lit

Party decoration is another important aspect of hosting a party. When you are throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party, the sky is the limit. There are several things you can do. For starters, collect as many old Christmas sweaters as you can get. Or you can buy them from our website. They will be really handy to start the decorations. You can make a piñata out of them. Cut the squares out of them and make a quilt. These can be used as wall hangings. Frills from the sweaters can be useful to decorate the Christmas tree as well. Extremely ugly sweaters can be good return gifts to the invitees. Make it as tacky and flashy as possible.


Have a dress-code

It goes without a doubt that the dress code will be an ugly Christmas sweater. You can make your own ugly sweater. All you need is a colorful sweater, glue gun, and some Christmas decorations. You can glue candy canes and/or small Santa figurines to the sweater along. You can make naughty Christmas sweaters by intentionally positioning wreaths or candy canes or Christmas caps. However, you should have enough amount of time on your hands. Not enough time? There are hundreds of online shopping sites which will come to the rescue. Put ugly Christmas sweaters in the search box and shop to your heart’s content. Little tip: keep a couple of sweaters handy for those who are not wearing any.


Set up fun activities

If you got it then flaunt it. An ugly Christmas sweater-themed party is the most fun Christmas party. For starters, the best fun game would be the competition with categories like the ugliest Christmas sweater or the naughtiest sweater, or the couple sweater. The prizes need not be regular ones. They can be equally tacky and weird. Keep a corner decorated especially for photos with glitter frames or funny scenarios. Even Christmas carols can be twisted. You can sing naughty or funny parodies of Christmas carols. Make the party as ugly as the Christmas sweater. All the best!