Couple - Vintage Laughing Santa  Sweater

Couple - Vintage Laughing Santa Sweater

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Do you adore Christmas and want to show just how much? Then this is the ugly sweater for you. It features Santa in his vintage glory, great contrasting colours and a snowflake design detail that adds festive character. This sweater is a crowd-favourite and for good reason. If you want to celebrate Christmas in style while also displaying your love for the holiday and Santa Claus, all you need is this holiday sweater, and you’ll have the complete look you’ve always wanted.
Why should I buy the Vintage Laughing Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater?
  • The sweater is made of high-quality cotton and acrylic to last you through multiple seasons with he right care.
  • It’s the perfect cosy, unisex fit with a comfy crew neck with for lounging in.
  • It’s vibrant and the perfect way to boost the mood on a white Christmas.
  • Cleaning it is a breeze – just pop it in the washer! No hand-wash required