Couple - Snowman Nose Thief Blue Christmas Sweater

Couple - Snowman Nose Thief Blue Christmas Sweater

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Relive one of the best childhood memories of Christmas with this sweater – snowman making!

This humorous take features two snowmen apparently in the middle of a not-so-pleasant interaction. While one is all-smiles, the other has less to be happy about – his carrot nose is missing! A little fun, playful and mischievous, this sweater is a nostalgic expression of our inner child being alive still.

The bright blue is a mood-booster for sure amid this interaction, and the snowflakes in the background are reminiscent of a nice winter night as the snow falls slowly. Magic!

This soft, warm, comfortable sweater is all about reliving childhood memories and whether you wear it yourself or choose to gift it to someone (possibly the target of such antics by you in their childhood?), it’s going to bring some smiles and cosy memories for sure. Let’s just hope there’s no trauma that comes up and the snowmen can figure out how to end this by the end of the night!