Couple - Santa Peeing On Melting Snowman  Sweater

Couple - Santa Peeing On Melting Snowman Sweater

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Naughty or nice, which do you think Santa has been this year? We’re gonna bet on naughty, for obvious reasons.

If you feel like you’re done playing it safe at Christmas parties, this is the sweater choice for you! It’s got a great colorful design, a snowman and snowflakes which are essential for that festive feel and Santa! Just not in the traditional way we’re used to seeing him. It’s Santa 2.0. Santa caught in the act, ‘cause hey, a man’s gotta go when a man’s gotta go.

Our collection features some hilarious, adult humour this year to let you express your personality with more than just boring old motifs and Christmas colors. This soft, warm sweater has been designed to be comfortable even in uncomfortable situations and Lord knows those come aplenty during the holiday season. This funny little number is sure to get you attention at your office party or your family get together – just remember to laugh it off and hey, Santa’s only human!

P.S. No snowmen were hurt in the making of this sweater.