Couple - Please Do Hesitate To Contact Me Sweater

Couple - Please Do Hesitate To Contact Me Sweater

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If you have trouble saying no to people at work, this may be the sweater for you. Holiday season should be just that – a break from the mundane routine and commitments of work. But if you work with people who just can’t seem to get the concept right, somebody’s gotta step up and say something. Or well, let their sweater say it, heh.

You know what would be even better? If the jerk from work who doesn’t get what a ‘holiday’ entails, gets this sweater as a present from their Secret Santa; harmless, anonymous ‘get the message across’ ploy to get what you want – some peace and downtime from work.

If you really think about it, this sweater kinda works in other situations too. Ever had nosy friends or family who think your life is their business but it really isn’t? Maybe they can take a hint from this too and won’t call you to make plans you’d rather just cancel later anyway.

Our sweaters sure are comfortable but we don’t promise this one won’t catch you in an uncomfortable situation! There’s also some passive aggression featured with the two birds smashing a laptop. Ugly, meaningful message, works in so many settings – what’s not to love about this Christmas sweater!