Couple - Ho Ho Ho It #!@%ING Merry  Sweater

Couple - Ho Ho Ho It #!@%ING Merry Sweater

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The perfect present for your holiday-hating friend does exist. We all know somebody like that. On the surface, they seem fine. But inside, they can’t help but roll their eyes at the holiday. Well, this is the perfect gift they might actually end up wearing!

On the surface, this sweater is the perfect depiction of a Christmas night – a black sky lit up with shining stars; trees covered in snow, a snowman with the perfect nose and accessories and a cheery Santa. Turn it around though, and you get a real sense of the mayhem. A disheveled snowman, Santa’s forgotten to pull up his pants all the way and his emotions are well, a bit too unfiltered. If you too struggle to keep your unfiltered thoughts to yourself this season, we suggest wearing this so your clothes can do the talking for you!