Couple - Yellow Snow  Sweater

Couple - Yellow Snow Sweater

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Looks like Santa has been a bit mean this season! Are sugar, spice and all delights a little overrated for you? We hear you! Calling all the Bad Santa Claus – we’ve got you covered for the holidays!

This sweater features a very cheerful backdrop of snowflakes and Christmas trees on a winter wonderland canvas, with charming red trims around the neck, sleeves and hem, made all the more charming by Santa’s little indiscretion (oops!) But hey, what can you do? After a long day of jumping up and down chimneys and carrying a big sack of presents, when a man has to go, he goes.

This ugly sweater is perfect if you’re a little reluctant to get into the holiday spirit and see your eyes roll instead of pins when the holidays approach. Overzealous family gatherings, irritating and overly festive attendees, and too little alcohol? This sweater is the best choice this year to still get invited and browse all family gatherings and look as festive as possible, while still remaining true to your less than enthusiastic self!