Couple - Stripper Pole  Sweater

Couple - Stripper Pole Sweater

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Puns may be the least intelligent form of humour on this planet, but they sure do make us laugh. This Ugly Christmas Sweater takes some creative liberties to paint a rather interesting picture of life at a literal North Pole. The idea is to find fun in the mundane and this sweater offers an alternative to boring turtlenecks to bring some fun and humour to holiday parties this year. This sweater is sure to grab everyone’s attention. Whether it’s the slightly disapproving parents or the group of indignant-looking old men in the park, there’s no way to stop the laughs from spreading. It is meant to offend, but in a harmless way.

But humour is not all this sweater offers. Comfort and design go hand in hand. A comfy mix of cotton and acrylic, this sweater is warm, cosy and soft to the touch.