Couple - Winter Llama Sweater

Couple - Winter Llama Sweater

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Fa la la la la la lama! If reindeer are too mainstream for you, check out this llama version that offers a fresher design perspective.

We’ve never seen a sweater live up to its ugly expectations more than this masterpiece. Lights, candy canes and llamas running across your chest – what more could you want from an ugly Christmas sweater? The design is made even more unique with the use of 3D scarf tassels which are a fun detail not to be missed!

We don’t know what’s making our llama friend smile so contentedly here, maybe he’s just having a good time! And so could you, with this festive little number to add a little pizzazz to your holiday parties!

Christmas will be lit this adorable llama sweater!

PS- No llama was harmed in the making of this sweater.