Couple - Leaky Roof Funny Christmas Sweater

Couple - Leaky Roof Funny Christmas Sweater

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Who wants to bet on which side of the list Santa was on this year – naughty or nice? Do you smell trouble…

Our adult humour collection of sweaters guarantees a double take, a laugh and a great way to start a conversation at any party. We’re not sure grandma will approve at home but maybe that’s a risk you can take on, just like Santa in this sweater!

This design is easily one of our more festive ones! The white snowflakes and red house against the backdrop of a dark black night, the red trims around the neck, sleeves and waist – it all just magically comes together to capture one of the most mundane activities of our human life. What, did you think Santa didn’t need to answer nature’s call when out delivering presents? It’s a long errand he embarks on, you know!

Nice or naughty, we think it’s cool to appreciate that even Santa is just human. Give a shoutout to Santa this year with this festive find!