Couple - Playful Santa  Sweater

Couple - Playful Santa Sweater

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Have you ever wondered what Santa does out of season? It looks like it’s golf – the perfect activity for an older man who just wants to spend quality time with himself! If you thought that was a great description for you too, we found the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for you!

This classic piece shows Santa in all his red glory with a golf club, falling snowflakes on the back and diamond sleeves. We also want to acknowledge the effort that went into making this ugly Christmas sweater really pop; we thought, why stop at red? Also add a mix of green and blue to make it REALLY worth it!

We love Santa’s cheer-y socks too – pair this sweater with yours for a complete Christmas look that will turn heads, whether you’re avoiding the interaction at an office party or the crowding around the buffet at a family reunion. This sweater is a surefire way to get noticed this season for your great taste in all things bad!